Cancel your flight by calling +91-9999127650

All the cancellation requests are welcomed 24 hours before the flight. If you are willing to get a refund, then we can help you with this. However, it is the Airline’s final decision whether it will issue a refund or not.

Once the Airline is ready to issue a refund, then the maximum fee charged for the domestic ticket is ₹6000 and ₹13000 for international flights. In some cases, it can be a lot cheaper. However, if we assist you in canceling your ticket, then you will be charged the above-mentioned cost. You will have to pay this fee excluding any penalties/change fees or any airfare difference which might be imposed by an airline in a direct way. However, some tickets might be non-refundable & you can’t rebook them.

Change Ticket through Fax

If you are desirous of changing your ticket, then the change request might be forwarded before your first travel date. You can also cancel the reservation before the date of travel. Otherwise, your ticket will have no value.

Hotels Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your booking 7 days prior to the arrival, then a 1-night cancellation penalty will be imposed on you. However, the bookings which are less than 7 days of check-in date can’t be refunded. Apart from this, in hotel’s cancellation policy, there will be a 2% refund fee on credit card.

No refunds for early checkouts.

Guest names won't be displayed in the hotel software till 24 to 48 hours of check-in date. Bookings during trade fairs cannot be canceled after you have reconfirmed, or after the cancellation deadline has passed, without incurring cancellation charges. We reserve the right to be indemnified by you in full against all loss, costs, damages, charges, and expenses incurred by us as a result of any cancellation for any reason.

Early checkouts are non-refundable

The guests will not find their names in the hotel system up to 24 to 48 hours of the particular check-in date. Bookings in between the trade fairs can’t be canceled after you reconfirm it or the deadline for the cancellation is passed without even incurring the charges of the cancellation. We hold all the rights to indemnify you against all the damages, expenses, charges, costs incurred due to any cancellation.

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